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Sixty-Six Years Ago Today.... I Was Born - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 11th, 2015

09:32 am - Sixty-Six Years Ago Today.... I Was Born

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darlene and don on a trike
Two years later, I was riding on the back of brother Don's trike. I adored my brother!

darlene and the boots
Two years after that, I was a full-fledged kid. I have very few pictures of me at this age, so I'm happy to have come across these. What do you want to bet the kiddie-pool below was made of rubber? Hose, too. (I don't think they made plastic yet.) This was the backyard of the house my dad built, and he did all this brick work and fencing, too. Nice, huh? My daddy could do anything!

darlene in pool 2