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Learning About Flooding - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 7th, 2015

02:04 pm - Learning About Flooding

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A couple of weeks ago we had a flooding accident. Grandpa Bob fell on the toilet, and though HE was unhurt, thank goodness, by the time he could alert us that the toilet tank was broken, the living room and his bedroom were flooded. Dealing with flooding was a first for Steve and me. Carpet cleaners were called. The carpets had to be pulled up and the pads removed. Then, large fans were placed in the rooms to blow air under the carpets in order to dry their undersides and the floors below them. This took 4 days. Four days of very loud, obnoxiously loud fans going 24 hours a day. It was quite wearing. Our living room furniture was in the kitchen, and though I kind of enjoyed the couches in the kitchen, very homey and comfortable, our lives were disrupted during that time. We are still waiting for the carpet cleaners to come clean the carpets (long story), so even though new pads have been put in and the carpets are tacked back down, our living room is still only marginally usuable over two weeks later. Well, life goes on, and we expect to be fully back to normal sometime next week. The upside of it all is that we got a new carpet in my dad's room, which it badly needed. It's all good.
Here's what the carpets looked like after the fans were finally turned off. Before that, they were billowing up, looking like big puffy clouds. Quite a sight!


Date:February 8th, 2015 05:17 pm (UTC)
I wish you would have taken pictures of the couches in the kitchen. It probably feels like an adventure at first and then it gets weary and ready for normalcy. So do your LR carpets look good after all they have been through?

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Date:February 10th, 2015 04:34 pm (UTC)
Yes, I think they'll look just fine. They didn't seem to be damaged by the flooding, and they are due to be cleaned tomorrow. No harm done. Just a terrible inconvenience!
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