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Ben Graduated From University of Riverside - Livin' the Good Life

Jun. 9th, 2015

10:15 am - Ben Graduated From University of Riverside

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He has a degree in Biochemistry. With honors! This is the boy who was completely UNSCHOOLED. Never took tests. Only cracked textbooks when he felt like it. Did not particularly enjoy reading. (He only read for information, not pleasure). He started reading at age 10. (He went from not-reading to fully-reading in about 6 months). He taught himself algebra from a textbook. (I was not involved). Whatever he did, he was passionate about. Theater. Dance. Swim team. Chess. Computers and Gaming, and  Fire Explorers. (Not acedemics!) He took these activities of his choice very seriously and gave them 100%. He took some computer classes at the community college when he was 12, and he quickly became the "unofficial" teacher's assistant. More than one person told me they thought he was a genius. I had to laugh secretly, knowing that he had only just recently learned to read! What he did have, from toddlerhood on, was an intuitive knowledge for "How Things Work". He had a quiet confidence, an excellent vocabulary, and he went about learning in his own way, on his own timeline, without asking for help. Need I say, he was an easy child to raise? He took an EMT class right after he got his GED and then went right to work at the local ambulance company... at age 18. (It helped that he had been in Fire Explorers during his teen years, and he came highly recommended by the fire department.) It was there that he discovered his interest in "helping people in emergencies". At some point, he decided to get a medical degree. He is on that journey now. A long, tedius, and challenging journey that I believe he will be very successful on. Just as he always has been.
Well done, Ben!