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Flights of His Imagination - Livin' the Good Life

Jul. 12th, 2015

10:37 am - Flights of His Imagination

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Ollie and I have been playing an ongoing doll house game, and lately we've been lining up the family's menagerie of animals, plus Boing Boing (the boy) alongside the house to guard the family inside. It seems, according to Ollie, that there is a monster inside our CD cabinet next to the doll house. Ollie added Boing Boing as a guard because Lovey, the goat, had put the boy into a horn-making box and now he had a set of horns, just like Lovey's, and he was prepared to fight a monster, if necessary. The guards included: Rose the cow, Lovey, a rooster, Kanga and Roo, the new family dog, a large stuffed bear, Quackenbush the duck, and a lego car. Whenever I have asked Ollie if today was the day we were going to let the monster out, he would say, "Not today." I had the distinct feeling that Ollie was nervous about that monster and was not looking forward to letting it out. Better to put it off. But, yesterday he said yes and opened the cabinet. I asked if we should start fighting the monster, and Ollie announced that the monster had floated on a cloud up to the ceiling and was now resting on the ceiling fan. I asked if the monster was fierce and Ollie said, "No he just wants some friends." Ah, the game had just taken a major turn. I asked if we should invite him down to meet the doll house family. But, according to Ollie, he had other plans. He said that the monster wanted to make friends with some policemen, and he wanted the policemen to go buy a boat. When asked whatever for, he said that the policemen would do artwork on the boat, and whichever policeman made the most beautiful art "for the monster to stare at" he would be his friend. I was a bit puzzled by this, but was not able to clarify why the monster wanted this because our playtime came to an abrupt end.  I was left to ponder the meaning of it and to wait until tomorrow to hear the rest of the story.....