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Dollhouse Play... Ollie-Style - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 15th, 2015

12:33 am - Dollhouse Play... Ollie-Style

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Most days, when Ollie finds his way over here to his Nana Honey's house, we end up playing with the dollhouse. And that's probably because Nana Honey keeps buying new things to play with. She can't seem to help herself, because she really loves miniatures.

Now, no matter how many scenes I make up that have a sweet or loving theme, we always manage to play competitive games that Ollie's doll invariably wins. He really likes to win, which is understandable. But, what is most reliable in our play is that the dolls end up wearing rocket launchers. Yep. By the time we get well into our play, every doll is zooming around the room with a rocket launcher attached to them.

I remember the kinds of play that my girlfriends and I engaged in as kids, and never once did it involve rocket launchers..... or competition, for that matter. We did not find it necessary to provide sound effects to our play, either. Ollie uses them liberally and enthusiastically. He also likes to throw in some trickery, but that is usually when he's getting tired, and I take that as a cue to end the playtime. When Ollie starts hiding dolls and their accessories, for instance, I know we are done. I try to end the play before that actually happens, because it can be time-consuming finding the hidden objects. And though Ollie gets a kick out of it, I do not enjoy that part of the game. I like to leave our time together on a positive note and not with Ollie tired and falling apart. That takes careful attention on my part. Day by day, we're learning how to get the best out of each other, while discovering each other's limits. It can be challenging, AND it's a privilege to watch up close as a little person grows and matures and figures this world out. Nothing better than that.