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My "Very Last" Childbirth Class - Livin' the Good Life

May. 11th, 2016

08:58 pm - My "Very Last" Childbirth Class

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I thought I was retired. No more teaching natural childbirth classes for me. I was done.
But, lo and behold, Nathen and Reanna got pregnant.... and I had to do it for them. Because, if I didn't, who would?
The fact is, when I stepped down, no one else stepped up to the plate. Women continue to get pregnant, so there is a need for these classes, but no one is filling the need. The world of UN-natural childbirth wins, natural childbirth loses.
Luckily, very motivated women can find their way to midwives.... and we have excellent ones in our area. There, moms will be directed to books, videos, websites, and information from midwives themselves to help prepare for natural birth. So, it can be done.
But, as for classes..... there aren't any. I got excited because I heard there was a new Bradley teacher in town, but when I called her, she said they were moving out of state... immediately.
So, I put out the word, and two other couples got a hold of me, wanting classes. Last February, I started my very last childbirth class, and next week we will wrap it up. Twelve weeks of intensive training, and we're almost done. I'm SO glad I did it, because I wanted Nathen and Reanna to be ready. I wanted them to prepare for a good experience, so I gave it everything I had, and I believe they are ready. Good thing, too, because they are expecting their bundle of joy soon! They are 38 weeks now.
Here is their class picture that was taken just last night. Love these folks! Sweet and earnest couples who were a pleasure to teach. I will miss them!