lestermom (lestermom) wrote,

The Little Guy Next Door

So Ollie came over to see me yesterday, and I was feeling a little under the weather. I suggested that he go outside and pick some grapes for a while since I needed to rest. He went out and soon, as usual, I heard the doorbell ring. (He likes to try the doorbell out regularly these days.) Steve answered it a couple of times, and finally he asked him not to ring it anymore, cause he was busy working. There was silence for some time, and I got curious, so I looked out the kitchen window and saw Ollie sitting quietly on the step by the grapes. I went back and laid down. I thought he'd gone home because he was gone so long. But eventually he came in with one hand cupped over the other and asked me to guess what he had in his hand. Well, it was PEELED grapes... about 5 of them. He told me he used his teeth to get the peeling started, then carefully peeled little strips off the grape ("Did you eat the peels?" "Yes.") It took a long time to do all that peeling! But, there they were in all their freshly-peeled glory, and he was very proud of them. Did I want some? he asked...  I looked at the grapes and then looked at his sticky, dirty hands, and politely declined. So he happily ate them himself. After he left, I heard the doorbell ring again. Steve told me later that he went to answer it, and Ollie said he just wanted to tell him he was going home.
So glad this little guy lives next door!
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