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Happy Birthday, Gabriel! - Livin' the Good Life

Jul. 11th, 2007

09:34 am - Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

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I gave birth to Gabriel Ryan in our little farmhouse in Westfield Indiana on a bright summer morning 27 years ago today. I remember so clearly how his 3 older brothers were riding their bikes and swinging on the swings as I walked around our shady yard in increasingly hard labor. My midwife would hold me or provide a plastic chair for me to sit on during each contraction, and when it was over I'd resume my walking. She'd point out the pretty flowers that were blooming, wanting me to remember what a beautiful day in which my baby was entering the world. Since I was only in labor a total of about 5 or 6 hours, I remember the whole experience as QUICK! It wasn't long before I told Jeanette (the midwife) that I felt like pushing, and she hurried me in to my bedroom between my contractions. Steve and the boys all gathered 'round on the bed, Jeanette giving instructions to everyone, while I was in that familiar "altered state" of following my body's intructions while tuning out what was going on around me. All I wanted to do was get that baby out! (It is such an urgent feeling!) But, Jeanette was a master at calming and directing everyone during birth, and it all went smoothly and without a hitch. Gabe came into the world around 10:30 AM, and as we were all oohing and aahing over him, Steve said, "Well, it's 10:30 AM (he was saying that for the benefit of the tape recorder that was rolling) and we still don't know what kind it is", and I said, "WELL LOOK!!" There was a brief silence while everyone looked, and Steve announced with a laugh, "It's a boy!!!" And suddenly the room erupted with shouts and laughter and happiness! We have it all on tape, and it's one of my most treasured family records. No one who hears that tape could doubt how much that child was wanted and how much he would be loved! It brings tears to my eyes just remembering the whole scene. Thanks, Gabe, for coming to us and providing all that pleasure, attachment, and love!