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The Law of Attraction - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 1st, 2007

05:49 pm - The Law of Attraction

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Steve and I saw a perfect example of the "law of attraction" at work last night. The law of attraction is described in the movie "The Secret" and the book "Ask and It Is Given". Simply, the law states that "whatever you focus on expands". Your thoughts are actually "requests", and the more you think them the quicker they make their way toward manifesting in your life. So, yesterday Steve and I were discussing the change of personnel in our band. We wanted to envision the perfect replacements for the members who are leaving the band. Basically, we need a mandolin player and a fiddle player. We started describing what the candidate would look and act like. #1 He/she needed to be an excellent musician and love bluegrass music. #2 He/she needed to have a great attitude and a pleasant personality. #3 He/she needed to be willing to practice and to play for free. We spent an hour or so discussing in detail what we were looking for. Fast forward to the evening. We were at Water Canyon listening to a wonderful singer/songwriter, and who should walk in but a guy we met many months ago (and hadn't seen since) who is said to play mandolin. We had actually mentioned him as a prospect earlier in our visioning session but didn't know how to get in touch with him. He sat down next to Steve, and they got to talking. Turns out he plays mandolin AND fiddle, and he said he was excited about the prospect of playing with us. He's new in the area, and he's just starting to get out and see the music scene. Now, how cool is that? The law of attraction in action.


Date:December 20th, 2007 12:26 am (UTC)

Ask and It is Given

Hi Darlene,

I checked this book out at the library and I can't put it down. I'm going to sign up for one of their seminars in San Anselmo in Feb. of 2008. These guys are RIGHT ON.

Thanks for the tip about the book.

Say hi to Bob for me. Tell him that I remember Paul Ignatius, who was in Bob's high school class plus or minus a year. Paul had a little brother what was a year or two younger than I was. His brother, Joe, was in Kepple with me. He had Dutch Boy bangs and never wore shoes to school. I don't know how he got away with it, but it left quite an impression on me. The Ignatius family lived above Kenneth road in an area that was even more high class than where we lived. I still don't get the no shoes thing.

Have a great Holiday Season.

Uncle Bill
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