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Skateboarding/Swing Dancing - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 19th, 2007

03:40 pm - Skateboarding/Swing Dancing

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Ely has been swing dancing 3 times a week for a long time now. He told me, as far as exercise goes, that swing dancing is the activity that most reminds him of skateboarding. I didn't get the connection. Skateboarding was Ely's sport of choice during his teen years. He was a pretty hot-shot "skater" around town in those days. But, to compare it to swing dancing just floored me. After I let my mind expand and get kind of fuzzy, I started to see the similarities, though. They are both about balance between you and an object/partner, constantly "leaving" the object/partner, then coming back together with it, and they both can be very wild and exciting. I guess that riding and doing tricks on a skateboard could be considered a dance. Yeah... skateboarding and swing dancing. Two peas in a pod.