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Tales of Avonlea - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 27th, 2007

09:39 pm - Tales of Avonlea

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Maya and I have been working our way through the Tales of Avonlea series on DVD for about a year now. The acting is superb. The stories are usually entertaining. But, the clothes... now they are the best part. I like to just drink in the fineness of those clothes! They are perfectly-tailored and authentic early 1900's Prince Edward Island attire for the well-off. I keep thinking, "I'd like to have that dress, or that apron." The clothes are just breathtaking! The stories are typically: Someone makes a mistake due to immaturity, a misunderstanding, or a weakness in character, and the rest of the story is how the mistake is recified to a satisfying conclusion. Pretty predictable stuff, but, oh so comforting to the child in me. As sensitive as I am, one episode of Avonlea is about as much excitement as I care to put myself through. Most movies are way too crass for my sensibilities. I'm careful about what I subject myself to, knowing that I am creating my future by what I'm thinking and feeling today.