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I Love a Good Fairy Tale - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 10th, 2007

03:30 pm - I Love a Good Fairy Tale

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I finished THE HARVESTER, and it is now my favorite Gene Stratton-Porter book. It is a good old-fashioned fairy tale, as well as a passionate romance. (Not passionate by today's standards, of course, because it was written in 1910!) Once again, as in all of Gene's books, the hero of the story has impeccable character, and he is not like any living person I've ever known. But, that's why I call it a fairy tale. The cast of characters are each symbolic of different types of people. Even the dog is symbolic. The book starts out with the hero asking his DOG whether he should give up the country life that year (he gathered, dried, and sold herbs for a living) or move to the city. The next big question: Was this the year he should find himself a wife? The dog indicated that he should stay in the country, but it was definitely time to look for a wife. Now, I believe that animals in fairy tales represent our sensual natures. So, his dog was just speaking for a part of himself. Shortly afterward, he saw a clear vision of the woman he was to marry and went looking for her. The book went on to tell how he found the woman in his vision, wooed her, married her, and healed her (she was very ill, and remember, he was an herbalist). I LOVED how he created his future by imagining it (as I mentioned in an earlier post) and how beautifully it worked! The whole tale is a testimony to the law of attraction, and I was delighted to read a story that illustrated the principles in such an enthralling way!