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Christmas Gifts - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 12th, 2007

10:42 am - Christmas Gifts

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I've decided that Christmas presents this year, at least the ones I give, will be of a spiritual, inspirational nature. My favorite gift from last year was actually one that I gave to Nathen: the book YOUNGER NEXT YEAR. I read it, Steve read it, Ely read it, Damian read it, and of course, Nathen read it. We ALL loved it, and I would say that, for some of us anyway, the book changed our lives. That is the kind of gift I want to give to everyone in the family this year. Since Christmas is actually a "holi"day, it seems fitting that gifts should be of a holy nature. And since all of us are adults now, I think we can all appreciate and value "merely" a book or a CD for Christmas, rather than something that was made to wear out or become outdated in 6 months (so you have to go buy another one). I think I'm done buying those kinds of presents. There is a great video on Dr. Mercola's Dec. 11 (free) newsletter called "Stuff". It's an excellent little lesson on anti-consumerism that is well worth watching before the holidays. Check it out.