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Letter to my Gym - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 16th, 2007

08:51 am - Letter to my Gym

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Here's a letter I just sent to my gym:

"Happy Holidays to the staff of ....(my gym) 12-15-07

I have missed you all! I had intended to come back when I left a couple of months ago, (after the weather had gotten nice) but I’ve decided to continue my workouts at home. I really do enjoy running outdoors and exercising in the convenience of my own home. But, I wanted to tell you more about why I am not returning.

More often than not, (the business name) smells like a beauty shop. I find the cleaners, and particularly the sprays, that are applied to the equipment for the sake of sanitation to be offensive. The staff there, (someone's name) in particular, has been very considerate and accommodating when I’ve complained. They often would delay using the sprays until I had left. I really appreciated that.

But, the fact is that those cleaners and sprays are always lingering in the air and on the equipment, and they are made with toxic chemicals. I sometimes wondered if the benefits I received from my workouts were worth the continuous, deep inhaling of those toxic fumes. No one else ever seemed to mind the chemical smell in there. I think it’s because we, as a society, have been conditioned to tolerate, and even enjoy, those artificial fragrances that are put in chemical cleaners and air fresheners. People equate those smells with “clean,” or (as with hair sprays) “feminine”. But, those of us who are exercising for our health, and in some cases are trying to recover from serious illness or disease, need to do everything we can to avoid harmful chemicals. I’ve done the research, and the researchers are finding that, for the sake of both people and the environment, chemical cleaners are best exchanged for their harmless, non-chemical counterparts. Plain soap and water will do the job perfectly well, but there is a whole array of non-toxic cleaning fluids on the market today, as well.

I have been a big advocate of (the business name) and have spread the word that it is a great gym. When people ask me, and they do, I tell them that the facility is spacious, that there is a fine variety of equipment, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the cost and payment plan is reasonable and fair. But, in all honesty, I do have to add that the place often smells strongly of toxic chemical cleaners. I have a large circle of friends and acquaintances who are very conscientious about their health and fitness. None of them would care to work out in an atmosphere that they felt might be unhealthy. SO… I propose that your gym “goes green”. It could actually be a selling point. “The only GREEN gym in the Basin!” And all that would have to be done is to switch cleaners! (No, I do not sell non-toxic cleaning products! I just use them.) If there was a green gym in this area, I would sign up immediately and tell all my friends! And that’s a fact! Over the next ten years, our area will become increasingly more environmentally conscious. I know because I attend the town meetings and hear the exciting new plans. And smart businesses will get on the bandwagon, advertising themselves as green. It is the wave of the future and a wave worth riding.

Please let me know if and when you decide to switch your cleaning methods, and I will come back. In the meantime, I will miss you greatly.

Sincerely and in good faith,

Darlene Lester"

I hope that I will be able to say that this business took my concerns to heart and went GREEN! It IS the wave of the future, and I expect more and more businesses to use it as a selling point. Hey, what we need is a green gym in Joshua Tree! Come on, entreprenuers! This is a really good idea!!


Date:December 20th, 2007 02:50 am (UTC)

Chemical air

Oh how I agree with you Darlene! I also agree that most people don't even understand what I am worried about. As for at home, about all I use to clean is vinegar and water. Works great.
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