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Lester Family '07 Newsletter - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 18th, 2007

05:27 pm - Lester Family '07 Newsletter

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Here's the newsy newsletter I sent out this year:

Dear Family and Friends, December, 07
All is well on the Lester home front. Our youngest son, Ben, moved out into his own place a few weeks ago, and my dad, Grandpa Bob, moved back into his trailer on our property a week later. Life is change. How do I feel about our last one moving out? Am I experiencing “empty nest” like everyone warned me I would? Plain and simply, “No.” I am a happy-camper kind of person. Life is always good (even when it’s “bad”). Having our kids was the best thing that ever happened to me. Nothing has ever matched it in terms of how interested and engaged I was as a parent. But, I don’t yearn for parenthood. I already did that in a Big Way. Now I’m moving on to the next phase of my life. I do welcome the idea of being a “grand”parent, though. I will enjoy the heck out of being a grandma, in fact, and I happily look forward to it. But, I have other things that I am engaged in right now. I enjoy singing with Steve in “Shadow Mountain Band”. I love mentoring and encouraging young parents. Having Damian and Maya next door has been a wonderful blessing for Steve and me. They are an inspiration to us every single day. I love my relationship with the only other girl in our family, Maya. If I only get one girl through marriage, I’m glad it’s Maya. I am enjoying my relationship with my dad in his later years. It’s fascinating to watch his gradual letting go of the material world while he gently and patiently reaches for the hereafter. It’s a simple and peaceful time for him, in which he has much appreciation for the little things in life. I’m honored to be able to be a part of it. I am an avid student of the concept of “the law of attraction”. I’m thrilled by the manifestation of this law in my life. I am grateful for Agape International, our new church. I’m still vitally interested in health and fitness, and I love researching and implementing the things I learn. I still love the great outdoors and my own yard in particular. (Oh, that reminds me, I have to bring in our little lemon tree tonight- it’s supposed to freeze!) And, I love writing. If you’d like to read more of my written musings, you may visit my blog: http://lestermom.livejournal.com/. I’ve spent many stimulating hours writing there….Darlene

As for our sons:
Nathen is attending college with the intent of becoming a psychologist. As a recording engineer, he is currently making CDs for bands. And he’s still swing dancing up a storm in Eugene. Contact Nathen at: obnocto@gmail.com

Ely is still drawing for the Simpsons TV show, and he also worked on the Simpsons movie this year. He’s learning to speak Japanese. He is swing dancing up a storm in LA. Email Ely at: elyleo@yahoo.com.

Damian is playing upright bass in the Shadow Mountain Band, and he plays with a lot of other bands, too. He’s basically playing up a storm. He and Maya have grown a fantastic garden this year. Contact Damian at: lester.damian@gmail.com. And Maya at: flavorgirlmaya@gmail.com.

Gabriel just got back from a 9 week Bikram Yoga teacher training in Honolulu. He is now certified to teach this very rigorous form of “hot” yoga. Ask him about it: gabe.lester@gmail.com.

Ben is still driving an ambulance. He also is still in the band “Unherd”. He’s on his own now, at 21. Contact him at: squeakydwarf@hotmail.com.

Now for Steve’s part of the letter:
Well, Darlene covered all the basic nuts and bolts. I have moved into what is called semi-retirement. I thought this meant I would work less. What it actually means is that I have a bit more time to work on my own projects, instead of those of my clients. Truly though, there are plenty of both, I am amazed that as I withdraw a bit from my working world, the more work that seems to be offered to me. I keep saying to myself, where was all this work when I had five kids at home? I am also trying to take the time to meditate and exercise more, and look after my body better.
I am hard at work on a new CD entitled ‘Welcome Back’, by our band, Shadow Mountain Band. If you are not familiar with the band, it is a six piece old-time roots and bluegrass band. We have fiddle, mandolin, dobro, occasional banjo, acoustic bass, guitar, and autoharp; five of us sing. Probably our favorite musical form is the old-time a-cappella gospel style like we used to do around the house when the kids were here. Our collective schedules forced me to record the project a track at a time, like you might do a rock or pop album. This is not the way hillbilly music should be recorded, and I promise not to do it this way again! It’s too hard! At any rate, the project is coming out very well, and, amazingly, has the feel of a band playing together. You can hear a few rough mixes from the project on our my space page, www.myspace.com/shadowmountainband
Last year, the big news was that we had just bought the house, next door to us, where Damian and Maya live now. They have made the house into an unusually comfortable, beautiful, and peaceful place. Damian has a small recording studio in the back room where he works out his own ideas. They also have a wonderful garden and we often eat fresh vegetables grown there. I love watching their relationship flower.
This year, we bought another house. It was owned by my longtime friend Peter Spoecker, and was sold to us by his brother Robert after Peter passed away. I had always liked Robert, but since Peter's death, Robert, an avid photographer, has become a very close friend and photographic buddy. Anyway, Ben has taken over ‘Peter's house’, as we call it. He lives there as the tenant, and sublets a bit of space for several of his band members. They are turning the back room of the place, which Peter had used as a workshop and storage room, into a studio. When it is complete, Ben will begin producing bands over there. He is very anxious to start his production business. And I think it will be very successful.
That's about all the major events in my life right now. I plan to put more time and effort into writing, producing, and performing music this year. My expanding family, though, is the best creative project of my life. Contact me at stev0.slf@gmail.com …Steve (Easy)


Date:December 23rd, 2007 10:29 pm (UTC)

A movie you must see

I was looking at the list of films for the upcoming PS film fest, saw this and thought of you and your group of moms. Try looking at the trailer...GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!!

Michelle Maresh

Here are the basics:

The Business of Being Born
USA, 2007, 84 Minute Running Time

Abby Epstein’s intelligent investigative documentary details the downside of hospital child birthing practices while stumping for innately healthier natural childbirth methods. Actor Ricki Lake (shown having her baby naturally) is our guide through this perfect companion piece to Sicko.

DIRECTOR: Abby Epstein
Producer: Ricki Lake, Abby Epstein, Amy Slotnick, Paulo Netto
Editor: Madeleiine Gavin
Cinematographer: Paulo Netto
Music: Jason Moss
Filmography: Until the Violence Stops (2004)

Official Film Website
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Date:December 23rd, 2007 11:32 pm (UTC)

Re: A movie you must see

I have been hearing it pitched alot lately. I plan on seeing it. Thanks!
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