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Best Christmas Ever - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 29th, 2007

12:55 pm - Best Christmas Ever

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I have not gotten near my computer for over a week, and that is because I have a house full of such entertaining people that I haven't even thought about it! My family is always: talking, debating, joking, playing music and eating. Our oldest sons stayed up till 3 AM most nights, carrying on long after I hit the sack. Nathen and Ely, in particular, can go on and ON. And I usually find the conversations interesting and engaging. But, my favorite part was when everyone started jamming. This time it was on Christmas evening, and Damian was the instigator. He asked my dad to play music with him.
and this went on for about an hour. Eventually, they were joined by the rest of us. Gabe was playing banjo (didn't know he could play banjo) and guitar. Ely played fiddle. Steve played hand drums. Nate played guitar and sometimes upright bass. My dad was playing organ, and Damian was playing his upright bass. I played a little kazoo. But, mainly I just listened, totally entertained, laughing and giggling like a schoolgirl! What fun that was!! I have always found my offspring to be my very favorite kind of company. And this Christmastime it was over-the-top on the enjoyment scale! Christmas gifts were mainly books. I love books! They are truly the "gift that keeps on giving". Anyway, one of the highlights of the morning was the opening of a book I gave to Nate and Ely "for old time's sake"... their favorite, now-out-of-print, children's picture book, MY HOPPING BUNNY. They had both memorized it as kids, and it helped Nate (then 5) learn to read. We will be saving it for posterity. The other picture below is the family appreciating some pictures that Ely restored of Grandpa Bob (my dad) when he was a "swashbuckling airforce pilot" during WW II. More later...