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Stocking Surprise - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 30th, 2007

07:46 am - Stocking Surprise

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I told our sons a month ago that "Santa is not filling Christmas stockings any more!" (at least until I have a grandchild) and feeling, this is pretty ridiculous filling stockings for my elderly, long-on-their-own, full-grown children! But I couldn't stop! It was too much fun! I didn't hear a murmer of complaint about it, but more like, "Sounds great, Mom!" or, "Fine with me!" So, lo and behold, come Christmas morning, as I was laying out Christmas gifts under the tree, I noticed bulging stockings around the woodstove. What??? (Yes, Darlene, there really is a Santa Claus!) All the stockings, including one for Grandpa Bob, were packed full of very yummy and thoughtful treats. No one would 'fess up as to who did the wonderful deed, and because everyone was completely poker-faced, I didn't find out till days later that Nathen (with a little help from Maya) had done it all! I learned, once again, that sometimes Mamas have to step down and allow others to step up. A good lesson for me.