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What Really Happened - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 30th, 2007

08:09 am - What Really Happened

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I said I'd tell more about our Christmas plans for this year (in the "Revamping Christmas post on Nov. 25th), and I'm ready to do that now. Here is a list of the things we wanted to do together as a family that we actually did:
1. play music and sing
2. learn harmonies to new Christmas carols and sing them a cappela
3. play with toys (in this case, Ely and Ben's remote contol planes)
4. listen to great books on tape
5. watch inspirational videos
6. talk politics
7. go hiking
8. do yoga
9. dance (swing was the big hit)
10. take pictures
11. make plasticine ornaments for next year (a yearly tradition)
12. eat lots of yummy food and drink hot chocolate
13. host Lester Family Entertainment Night
14. go to Pappy and Harriets for dinner and our Shadow Mountain Band show
15. (this one was not planned, but it always happens anyway) stay up until all hours of the night discussing and debating.
16. visit with friends

Due to extremely cold winds all week we were unable to carry out some of our outdoor plans, which included playing frisbee. But, that's fine. There's always next year!