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All Gone - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 3rd, 2008

04:52 pm - All Gone

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Well, my last son just walked out the door, and Steve and I are alone. Can't say I'm unhappy about it either! We've had at least one of our offspring here for the last month, and we are ready for some peace and quiet. We've gotten used to just the two of us now. (Didn't Ben only move out a few months ago? How quickly we adapt!) I am so keenly aware of other people when they are in my home, that it's hard to relax with all the emotional dynamics flying everywhere all the time. For the most part it was a peaceful, amiable visit, though, and I have no complaints. My sons are my favorite young people. And I definitely receive a lot of love and attention from them. I'm always surprised by the amount of tender regard they seem to have for me. And they've certainly given me a lot to think about. I'll be mulling over their visit for a long time to come. There were many things that happened that need digesting and learning from. There is a fairy tale in which a prince is told to go to the house of his prospective bride and stay there for three days observing her. He was not to say anything, because, he was told, "in silence there is wisdom". At the end of the allotted time he was to have his answer as to whether this was the girl for him. And sure enough, after three days of silent watchfulness he had his answer. I felt like that silent observer during my kids' visit, this time, and I do indeed feel wiser for it.