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How to Live Happily on One Income - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 7th, 2008

07:56 am - How to Live Happily on One Income

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So, if I'm going to be labeled "an activist", then I'm going to have to tackle a subject that's dear to my heart: STAYING HOME AND RAISING YOUR OWN CHILDREN. And that's exactly what I'm going to do at tomorrow's "moms meeting". I start by teaching moms (and dads) how to do what's best for their baby by having a natural childbirth (my slogan is, "just say no to drugs in childbirth") Having a natural birth sets a mom up to be well-bonded to her child. It also sets her up to make careful choices about ALL the things she does for and with her child for the rest of her childraising years. And one of the very important choices that a mom makes is whether or not she will actually BE THERE to raise her child. (Note: a well-bonded mom is very reluctant to leave her baby in someone else's care.) That's where I come in. I created this moms-at-home group in order to start a revolution in Joshua Tree. It is now the "in" thing to do to stay home and raise your own child in Joshua Tree. My aim is to create an attitude adjustment in a large group of moms. And it's happening. My moms are seeing that raising a well-adjusted, happy, delightful-to-be-around child is the most challenging thing a woman can do. WAY more challenging than any job she can get out in the work-a-day world. And it doesn't have to be a lonely, solitary activity. Since it's the "in" thing to do now, there are plenty of other moms to get together and go do things with. If a mom needs a listening ear she can just call one of her friends, and she knows that friend will be at home.
Tomorrow's topic will be : How to live happily on one income. In this day and age, most people think that can't be done. Here is the line I hear most often: "We can't afford to live on one income. It would be impossible." Really?? I guess if your main goal in life is to be a consumer and to raise little consumers, then, yes, it probably would be impossible. But, I'm talking about a BIG attitude adjustment here, folks, where you change your whole idea of what's a good life. In the '70s, Steve and I lived perfectly contentedly on $100 a week. And he earned that hundred dollars by playing music Friday and Saturday night at a local restaurant. The rest of the week he was home helping me raise our two children. We lived very frugally, and other than the essentials, like food, we didn't buy things. We ate simply and healthfully, making all our food from scratch. Our children had very few toys, but they had mom and dad and each other to play with. And we had the public library. That was about all we needed. Used children's clothes are everywhere for next-to-nothing. If you are lucky, and resourceful, you will get yourself on the receiving end of someone whose child is 6 months older than yours. The key is, saving money by not spending it is the same as making money. The dad makes money, the mom saves money. One is as important as the other. It's actually an art. A smart, resourceful mom is a tremendous boon to her husband. Lucky is the man who finds such a woman! And lucky is the child who has her for their mother!
I'll report on the main points brought up in the meeting tomorrow