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Pushing 60 - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 10th, 2008

04:58 pm - Pushing 60

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Tomorrow I will offically be "pushing 60". At 11:50 PM I will turn 59. I plan to have an active, fun-filled 59th year with lots of manifestations of the law of attraction to report on. I intend to get more and more computer savy... something I never thought I'd want to do. I expect to look and feel younger next year at this time. One thing I plan to do this MONTH is to make a hard copy (or book) of my 2007 journal entries. Somehow, that will make me feel easier. And there are people I'd like to share the book with who are not computer-types. I plan to continue the revolution of at-home mothers in Joshua Tree, making the practise more and more popular. I will work on improving my vocals in Shadow Mountain Band, which includes committing to memory every song we learn. (That is a real challenge for me.) I commit to the continuing work of making my yard into a paradise, which takes an unbelievable amount of time and attention during the warm months. I'm looking forward to sharing another year with my dad as I watch him patiently living out his final years and spending more and more time in his beloved "dream states". My dad has always been pretty pleasant to be around, but even HE has his edges. Lately, his edges have been noticably buffed away. Most of all, I expect to increase my spiritual practise and involvement with Agape and just LOVE more. Oh, and I want to laugh my 50s away!