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What Happened on my Birthday - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 11th, 2008

05:21 pm - What Happened on my Birthday

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I started out my birthday by going to the DMV early in the morning to renew my driver's license. I walked right up to the window, did the paperwork, and got my new picture taken. (I saw it and it was quite an improvement over my last one from 10 years ago.) The lady who was helping me said I look younger now than I did in the old picture! (I'm already on my way to being younger next year!) I was out of the DMV within 15 minutes! Record time. When I got home there was a gorgeous bouquet of roses waiting for me from Steve. Sigh... I'm such a sucker for flowers! They are SO romantic!! I came home with the intention of cleaning the kitchen, but I was interrupted by a phone call from Nathen, then a phone call from Ben, and finally a phone call from Ely. It was 2 PM and I still hadn't cleaned up the kitchen, but what did I care? I had just had three leisurely and delightful conversations with three of my favorite people! Then Steve and I left to go out to lunch. As we walked into Crossroads Cafe a loud chorus of people sang out "Happy birthday to you..." and I saw that we had coincidently arrived just as some good friends of ours where finishing their meal. We joined them and stayed about two hours catching up on all the news. I came home and had a nice conversation with my dad while I washed his feet (he's had some foot problems). I sat down at the computer to write this, and Damian walked in with another big bouquet of fragrant flowers, a small bottle of Martinelli's, and a wine glass! Wow, this was over the top for me! I just couldn't be any happier or feel any more loved. Thanks everyone for your touching show of affection. I love you all so much!


Date:January 14th, 2008 02:35 am (UTC)

Happy Birthday!

I'm happy you had such a great day and felt so loved and appreciated!

(((((((birthday hug for Darlene))))))))
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