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"Pushed" - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 21st, 2008

09:33 pm - "Pushed"

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Switching gears, here, I highly recommend a book I'm reading to all who contemplate a hospital birth in almost any country in the world in 2008. In fact, I think it's IMPERATIVE that a woman who wants an optimal birth experience reads this before she makes her final decision to birth in a hospital setting. Please, please, please read PUSHED by Jennifer Block. If you can read this book and still have confidence in the medical profession's approach to childbirth, I will be amazed and stunned. But, at least you will be forewarned. As a Bradley Natural Childbirth teacher and birth advocate, I am justifiably concerned and more than a little angry about the vanishing choices that women have in childbirth today. I am willing to stand up and be counted as one who believes that homebirth is far superior to hospital birth in all but a small percentage of cases. I want excellent personal care for all pregnant and laboring women, with great respect shown to her wishes and preferences. And the only people who provide this are MIDWIVES, the heroines of our day. They should be honored and decorated with medals for valor and for their incredible dedication above and beyond the call of duty. They put themselves on the line every day in order to give us what we want and deserve. In fact, I think we have a moral obligation to use midwives and to pay them very well for their services. They receive a fraction of what OBs receive, yet they give us considerably more service and care. In fact, what they give is priceless. It's like trying to put a dollar value on a mother's care for her infant. (When people have asked me if I "babysit", I always say, "You couldn't afford me. My care is priceless.") As a Bradley instructor, the majority of my students are already under the care of a physician by the time they take my first class. They have already had "routine" ultrasounds and probably already know the sex of their baby. They have already had various "routine" tests done that may or may not have resulted in their being labeled "at risk". And, by 37 weeks gestation (a full three weeks before they are "due") they may already be being pressured to induce labor because their baby "is ready". Read this book to find out what is behind all of this testing and pushing of the labor process. It will make your hair stand on end. Worse than any horror movie, because it's REALLY HAPPENING. Honestly, people, we have got to all stand up and be counted together to stop this insane treatment of a natural and beautiful experience that every woman is entitled to! Read this book and join the revolution!