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Meals as an Event - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 27th, 2006

09:15 pm - Meals as an Event

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Speaking of "meals as an event" from a previous post, Damian and Maya both look at meals as an important and meaningful part of their day. Not only is there a lot of care put into the food preparation, but it needs to be beautiful! When they invite us to lunch, the table is set prettily and the food is served reverently and is artfully placed on the plates. It feels like we are receiving a ceremonious blessing, and we are. And this is just an everyday meal for them. It's always organic and homemade. It's often homegrown. I feel so fortunate to receive that kind of love and attention from them. Maya often brings over her latest culinary delight, fresh out of the oven!(Often it's even fresh from their SOLAR oven!) Recently I was treated to croissants. Yum!!! How often does one get a personal chef for a daughter-in-law? How did I get so lucky??
Below is a yummy breakfast grown, baked, and prepared on their homestead: