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My Life as a Horse - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 24th, 2008

07:56 pm - My Life as a Horse

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To completely tell the whole story, my stick horse was just a part of my "acting out" of horse fantasies. In reality, I pretended that I WAS a horse, more often than not. I got so high running around like a wild horse! It was thrilling to me! I don't exactly know why. Being a horse DID feel very powerful. Remember how small and weak I felt as little Darlene? Well, when I was a horse, I was the master of my life! Running and galloping around was my favorite activity, and I was really fast! (Did I ever mention that as a sophomore I held the record for all the girls in my high school for the 50 yard dash?) Running was effortless for me, and I never walked if I could run. At recess time in elementary school, I was out the door in a flash to run around the playground. I remember feeling disappointed when I realized I wouldn't be able to run from class to class in junior high school. It wasn't allowed. I remember thinking that if this was what growing up was like, I didn't want to grow up! Anyway, my life as a horse was full of adventure (so many exciting stories were acted out!), wilderness (I galloped around in the mountains surrounding our neighborhood), drama (I was forever "saving" people who were in dire straits in my imaginings), love (I usually had some human that I was loyal to and who loved me), danger (I liked to jump off small cliffs), friendship (my girlfriends played that they were horses, too) and service (I pulled kids around in wagons or rode them on my back). It probably doesn't sound like that much fun, but IT WAS! Just ask any horse-crazy girl!