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Blast from the Past - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 3rd, 2008

04:02 pm - Blast from the Past

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I was messing around on the internet today. (It's EXTREMELY windy outside! It's blowing over fences, ripping off roofs, and sandblasting cars... so I stay in.) And I came across something on the internet that I hadn't looked at for at least 10 years. I loved seeing it again. Check it out:
It's a story-with-pictures of our family, when Gabe was still a baby up until he was about 8, telling how we got started with our "teaching families to sing in harmony" business. It even has a link to John Holt's review of our first family tape back in 1981. When I think of these things from my past, I feel all warm and happy inside. For me, those definitely were "the good old days".