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Today We Fix the Fence! - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 13th, 2008

08:32 am - Today We Fix the Fence!

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I get such satisfaction out of home improvement projects! Today, our friend Roland and I are going to fix the fences that blew over in that last rippin' wind storm. We had so much rain prior to the wind that the ground was too soft and wet to support the wooden posts. Over went one section of fence at a time. Some were lying on the ground, and others were sagging halfway over. A very sorry sight. And, the main concern was that they were hiding our trailers and wood pile. Another even sorrier-sight that we wish to shield from the view of people driving onto our property. We have a long, dirt driveway that follows along the edge of our seven and a half acres. At one point, there is a beautiful hand-carved sign saying "Lester" that my dad and Damian made years ago. Then, beyond the sign you used to see a pleasing-looking wooden fence, fort-style, that hid the offensive sight behind. Today, we repair the damage and restore the beauty.