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Looking for Trouble - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 20th, 2008

06:43 pm - Looking for Trouble

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I hold with the belief that "whatever you look for you shall surely find". And that is one of my main complaints about the obstetrical profession today. With all of the endless testing mandated during a woman's pregancy, the docs seem bent on finding something amiss. I can hardly keep up with it! Every time I start another class, one of my students tells me about a new test that is being given to all pregnant women. These tests are being developed to look for yet another possible problem with a woman's pregnant body or her baby's developing body. This gives a woman the growing sense that there may be something wrong with her or her baby. The psychology is all wrong. The focus should be on noticing and affirming what's right and normal, and if something seems out of the ordinary, to treat it as "probably ok" and "let's wait and see", not a "disaster waiting to happen". I feel compelled to bring up again the example of one of my former students who was told that, according to her scan, her baby's head was growing faster than it's body, and because of that, they wanted to induce her early. She flat refused. The baby went to term and was PERFECTLY normal. This poor, brave woman, bless her heart, was made to worry unnecessarily for the last few months of her pregnancy, when she could have been blissfully "barefoot and pregnant", as she should have been. All this peering into the womb that happens regularly during prenatal visits is like playing God, assuming that they UNDERSTAND what they see. Obviously, in this case, they didn't. I say, let the baby develop quietly, secretly on its own, in its own good time and unique way, and firmly trust that all will be well. Of course, one of the main goals of my Bradley classes is to teach women how to take excellent care of themselves with proper diet and exercise so that they can influence the health and development of their babies for the good in that way. Moms have to do their part in keeping themselves low risk in order to feel confident that things will go well. After that, I say, "trust birth".