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My "Can-Do" Man - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 21st, 2008

07:34 am - My "Can-Do" Man

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One of the things I really love about Steve is his "can do" attitude. For as long as I've known him, he has gone after whatever he wanted in life with enthusiasm and resourcefulness. Not long after we got together, he hooked up with my dad in their mutual love of airplanes. My dad taught Steve to fly within the very first year or so that he met him. Steve "inherited" a mobile car painting business when he was around age 24 (a friend of his sold it to him cheap) and was able to make more money than we knew how to spend. One day he came home and announced that he had bought an airplane: A Cessna 150, two-seater. We flew all over the place in that thing! I was very comfortable flying in small planes because I had grown up flying in my dad's tiny Aerocoup. Steve and I flew to Indiana, which was a wild ride in May with tornados swirling around everywhere. We'd land at an airport (I was the navigator) at the end of the day and blow up an air mattress (ever try to blow, by mouth, up an air mattress outside, in the dark, after a long day of traveling? We took turns.) We slept under the wing of the plane on the airport field. I found this romantic, and Steve was my hero. We often flew to the Hi-Desert, a short hop from L.A., and would buzz our friend Rollie Shreve's house (meaning, swoop down over his house to let him know we had arrived) and he would come pick us up at the airport in Yucca Valley. This is the way we ended up in the Hi-Desert. I was pregnant with Nathen, and we didn't want to raise a child in the city, and the desert seemed like a fine "rural-type" place to try. Here is a picture of Steve gassing up the plane at Yucca Airport after we had moved to the desert. Isn't he adorable in his overalls?