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My Girlhood Home - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 28th, 2008

10:08 pm - My Girlhood Home

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Below is a picture of my girlhood home on Adelaide Drive in La Canada, California. I lived there from second grade through graduation from high school. It was a multi-level house (5 levels) that my dad bought as a fixer-upper for $20,000 in 1956. By the time we sold it to the government (for them to build a freeway overpass right smack over the top of it) the house was a showpiece and worth a fortune. My mom and dad put a tremendous amount of their creative energy into that place, and it was something we were all proud of. It still makes me sad to think of losing it to a freeway. My bedroom was upstairs on the left, right behind the carport. That's where my dad and I had our "Hair Club" every Saturday morning. (More on that in the earlier post.) Imagine little Darlene in there chattering away as I styled my dad's hair during our weekly ritual. That makes me smile.
La Canada house