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Striking Couple - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 2nd, 2008

08:33 am - Striking Couple

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So, why, after 14 years of marriage, did my parents get divorced if they had such an idylic life? They were married during WWII, and at that time there was tremendous social pressure for military guys to get married. I think my dad bowed to that pressure. And the fact is, I cannot think of any two people (except maybe Steve's parents) who were so badly mismatched in personality and lifestyle. They met at church, so they had that in common. But, other than that, they had nothing else. She was emotional, affectionate, traditional, into make-up, hair, and perfume, an indoor girl, very personal and needy. He was intellectual, cool, off-beat, natural (hated make-up and perfume!), outdoor adventurous, impersonal, and completely independent. She needed him, he didn't need her. Too bad. They were a striking couple, and both of them were very nice and had exceptional integrity. They were both honest, sincere, hardworking people. They were refined. They NEVER argued. In fact, as a child, I had no idea that they were unhappy. I never heard an unkind word. The bottom line was, my dad didn't want to be married. My mom did.
Bob & Dulcie