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His Generosity - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 5th, 2008

02:40 pm - His Generosity

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One thing I must mention about Steve's dad is that he made it possible for me to take the training to become a Bradley natural childbirth instructor... he paid for my training, a sum we couldn't have afforded at the time. He was an extremely frugal man, and he didn't take handing out money lightly. So, I was all the more surprised and delighted when he offered to help me. He also encouraged me to be a writer. Whenever I wrote him a letter, he wrote back and told me what a good writer he thought I was. He told me I should write for magazines, or write books, and often sent me articles and ads for writers. I think I reminded him of his mother, who he apparently adored and admired, because we were both avid gardeners. He frequently drew a parallel between us. I enjoyed being favored by this shy man, and I remain grateful to him for his timely and practical help. Thank you, Steve Sr., for your quiet and gentle support of a girl who needed and appreciated your generosity!