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That Praying Little Girl - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 7th, 2008

01:35 pm - That Praying Little Girl

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Does it surprise anyone that I used to say my prayers when I was a little girl, since I seem to have no "religion" as an adult? Well, here's a little secret about me: I never stopped praying! Prayer is a part of my daily life. Just because I never found a church that suited me (until now--thank you Michael Beckwith!) doesn't mean that I don't have continuous conversations with God. I have never lost that desire to be in alignment with Him. As a child, I was drawn to all religion. I went to church with my parents. I went to my friends' churches. I learned my best friend's catachism (I can still recite "Hail Mary") and many of the other prayers from her prayer book. I had my own prayer books that my mom gave me that I treasured. I memorized many passages from the Bible, including the Ten Commandments and the Twenty-Third Psalm. My Bible was one of my favorite books! I even held "church" for a while in my house for my friends. Of course, that went over like a lead balloon when their parents found out I was reading the Science and Health to their daughters! To me, it was all good. Their religion, my religion, any religion. Michael describes religion as: "Binding yourself back to God". That is what I thought all religions did when I was a child. Maybe that was naiive of me, but I just believed that God was good no matter what religion He came through. But, when the Catholic parents next door found out I had been teaching Christian Science to their daughters, my house was forever off-limits. (It didn't help that my parents were getting a divorce, so they were going to Hell.) I was always welcome in their homes, because they truly did like me, but they felt like I didn't have enough supervision at home and so they needed to keep an eye on me. (As an aside, when we were all teenagers, it was THEIR daughters who got in trouble all the time. I never did. My mother trusted me implicitly, and I didn't want to betray her trust.) I was a naturally reverent child, and I remain so today. And I am drawn to others, no matter what religion, who are reverent too. Just don't put Him in a box. As the saying goes: God is too big to fit inside one religion. I believe that. And that little girl who prayed every night because she wanted to, and went to everyone's churches, and voluntarily learned all those prayers and verses, and wandered around in nature communing with God all the time... I think she had it right. And she is still inside me today, driving me on my spiritual way.