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Our "Grand Old Times" - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 8th, 2008

12:50 pm - Our "Grand Old Times"

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Although I have many happy childhood memories of my summer visits with my cousins on their ranch, what made me happiest, oddly enough, were my "grand old times" with my brother. Let me explain. As I mentioned before, my brother, Don, and I had adjoining rooms in our home, so we could easily have conversations with each other from our rooms. Our mother had the habit of putting us to bed a 7 PM, no matter whether the sun was down or not. The result was that we were usually not sleepy when it was time to go to bed. My poor mom kept coming in several times each night to perform the fruitless task of shushing us and saying, "Go to sleep, you two!!" But, we had such marvelous times singing, talking, and being silly, lying in our respective beds in the dark, (or in some cases, in the light) that there was no way she could stop two wide-awake children from carrying on. Sometimes I would provoke my brother so much by teasing him that he would come charging in, leaping on my bed. The ensuing screams and gales of laughter would bring my mother in to settle us down and admonish us for disobeying. I don't think she was too mad, though. She was a very soft-hearted person, and even though she enforced the rules very conscientiously, she had a lot of compassion for children. When we went to my uncle's ranch, however, things got even better for us. I don't remember what their bedtime was, but it didn't matter to us because they let Don and me sleep together in a big bed on their screened-in porch. Don and I told stories and jokes to our heart's content. No one bothered us or told us to be quiet. As I've said before, I found my brother to be endlessly entertaining and hilariously funny. I had the fortunate position of being his little side-kick during our entire childhood. And when we'd return home from the ranch, we would reminisce about what we coined as "our Grand Old Times" before we fell asleep. Ah, the innocence of childhood! Below is a picture of my cousins, Laurie and Pammy, then me, then my brother, from that very time when Don and I created those sweet memories.
Cousins on horseback