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A Bunch of Mama and Papa Bears - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 21st, 2008

03:25 pm - A Bunch of Mama and Papa Bears

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Any healthy parent will fight to the death to protect their children from harm. Having my own children sure brought out the "mother bear" in me! Ya didn't mess with my kids! Little people who can't defend themselves require someone bigger, stronger and smarter to watch out for their best interests. Well, this issue with a developer wanting to destroy a prime section of old-growth Joshua tree forest in order to cover the land with 2800 houses has got a lot of "mother and father bears" in our community up in arms! Those trees and that land cannot defend itself. As good stewards of the land, it is our responsibility to STOP people from harming it... just as if it were our child. At the meeting I wrote about last night, it was an awesome, and somewhat scary, experience to feel the power and fury of a few hundred mama and papa bears protecting their territory and their "baby", this beautiful square mile of choice desert land in our village of Joshua Tree. And even though this developer has the legal right to build on his own land, we also have the right to object and make things very hard for him to continue. We will loudly protest mass-grading, removing 1200 Joshua trees (that don't transplant well), polluting the night sky with lights from that size of development, the drastically increased traffic on the only highway through our valley, the impact on our already overly-crowded schools, the environmental impact that at least 2800 new people would make driving to work (no jobs up here) in the low-desert (100 mile round trip) every day on this ONE highway, the overtaxing of our dwindling water supply... the list goes on and on. As one of the speakers who addressed the developer said last night, "You made a big mistake coming to this town." He was so right. This is not an apathetic community. We all moved here to live a peaceful rural life, most of us buying houses on acreage, and we want it to stay that way! So, don't try to mess with us Joshua-tree-ites. Plowing up our precious desert for a dense housing-tract will not be tolerated! How about taking your plan to New Orleans where they could really use your help?