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Another Letter on Developments - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 24th, 2008

07:17 pm - Another Letter on Developments

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Well, the newspaper published my March 20th post in last Saturday's paper. Here's the one I will submit next week: (299 words, with 300 allowed)

"I hope that the citizens of the Morongo Basin are paying attention. The high-density housing developments that are being proposed will have a major impact on our lives, and probably not for the better. I will pick just one of many good reasons to oppose them. The proposed 2600 houses in Section 33 will have to be paid for by people who work. So, where exactly are these people going to work? Oh yes, there is going to be a retail business section built near the development that will employ, say, 200 people. Will one retail job support a family making payments on a $350,000 house? Probably not. How about two retail jobs? Hmm… The other 2400+ people will have to go to the low desert, and beyond, to make a buck. That’s 2400 more cars driving down the hill on our one highway everyday, a 100-mile commute, at $4.00+ a gallon of gas. Do the math. It’s not a very sustainable lifestyle, plus it’s terrible for the environment. As I’ve said before, if you moved here to sit in stopped traffic every day, raise your hand.
I moved here for the rural lifestyle and the natural vistas of beautiful desert right outside my door. As a part of rural living and feeding ourselves the highest quality food, we are looking into raising a few chickens. My research says that wise farmers will never crowd their chickens in a small space, otherwise chickens will fight and kill each other. If they don’t have enough room to spread their wings and roam freely, they become sick. Density is a vital consideration in the success of a farmer’s operation and the contentedness of his chickens. Let’s expect as much from our local developers as we would from any smart chicken farmer."