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In Memory of My Mom - Livin' the Good Life

Apr. 1st, 2008

03:21 pm - In Memory of My Mom

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My mother, Dulcie Joyce Pike, was born on this day in 1925, and she was true to her name: very sweet. She was also talented. She was an excellent dancer, and she had a beautiful singing and speaking voice. She had an artistic eye and surrounded herself with beauty. Her handwriting was the prettiest I've ever seen. She was skilled at oil painting. When she entered the work force, she had top-notch secretarial skills to offer, like typing and shorthand. (Computers were coming into vogue in her later years, and to her credit, she learned to navigate the computer in order to keep her job.) She was a great cook. She was a strict, but gentle mother. She made us tow the line, but with kid gloves. She never raised her voice at us. She never humiliated us. She looked for what was good in us, and she praised us for those things. She expected goodness from us, and that's what she got. I feel blessed to have had such a mom.
Here's mom at age 18. Pretty glamorous, huh? (Yes, that is a wedding ring she has on. She was married at 18)
Dulcie formal 1


Date:April 4th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC)

Your blog

I absolutely love your blog. You have inspired me to start one of my own. I would like to invite you to it but I have lost your email address. Would you mind sending it to me. Mine is jillyds@sbcglobal.net
Hope to hear from you!
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Date:April 6th, 2008 10:50 pm (UTC)
Your mother is so glamourous! Holy Cow, she looks like a movie star. It is hard to believe she is only 18 in that photo.
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