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Big Crowd Tonight - Livin' the Good Life

Apr. 5th, 2008

02:09 pm - Big Crowd Tonight

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To my surprise, the newspaper published my letter (below) today. They only allow you to have one letter published every two weeks, and this was two weeks, to the day, from my last published letter. They must have liked it! They published another letter on the same general subject that was excellent, as well, so I felt our cause was well represented today. Yeah!!
Steve and I are getting ready to go sing at Pappy and Harriet's. Right before we do the gig, Shadow Mountain Band will have promotional pictures taken. So I've been washing and ironing clothes this morning, while analyzing our last photo and deciding what I liked and didn't like about it. Kind of fun! Several people have tried to get reservations for tonight, and there are no tables available. I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on up there. Some kind of special event, I hear. Sometimes big crowds are fun to play for, and sometimes they're not! It depends on how attentive and responsive they are. People don't realize that when actors or singers are performing for you, they are rating you as an audience. You may think that you are there to be pleased and entertained by the people on stage, but it's also good to be aware that they can do a better job of pleasing you if you do your part and show enthusiasm. The many plays that our family participated in over the years taught me that the actors spend just as much time evaluating the audience as the audience spends evaluating them. In the green room you would often hear, "That audience is SO dead tonight! I'm falling asleep out there!" or "Did you see that guy in the front row with the big smile on his face? He's really fun to sing for!" or "The audience is getting our jokes tonight!" It doesn't matter how well you are delivering your lines or how in sync you are with your fellow actors, if the audience isn't noticing and responding, it's just not as much fun. So, let's hope that the big crowd tonight will be one of the fun ones!