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The Audience Gets a Two - Livin' the Good Life

Apr. 6th, 2008

01:52 am - The Audience Gets a Two

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The audience was a dud tonight. Really bad! They were low energy and inattentive. And to make things worse, Steve kept insulting them between each song! I guess that's his way of trying to get their attention, but it doesn't help the morale of the band when he does that. In spite of it all, I had a GREAT time tonight! I was leading a subtle (or maybe not so subtle) rebellion against Steve's insults by talking and joking with Johnny and Bobby and Gar. It was really fun!! They were all in a light-hearted mood with lots of smiling and laughing and eye-contact both during and between songs. If something funny happened, we communicated about it, which really added to the enjoyment. Bobby has this off-the-wall sense of humor which really helps dissippate negative energy, and a look in his direction generally brings a crack from him that eases uncomfortable situations. Gar has this sweet, earnest desire to do a good job, and I enjoy looking over at him with reassurances. He and I have been stepping up our communication lately, and that really feels good. Steve blocks my view of Gar on stage, so I've learned to stand back in order to catch his glance or actually walk over and talk to him if necessary. That has greatly improved our ability pull off the changed entrances and finishes of songs we worked out during rehearsals and to avoid the little mistakes that we tend to keep making. Since I stand next to Johnny, we communicate freely, sharing smiles, and outright laughs, at amusing things we see happening in the audience or something Steve says that's a real "eye-roller". In Steve's defense, he has a huge responsiblity as band leader and front-man to keep things moving, keep up the banter between songs while he's retuning his guitar, remember a vast amount of information about the songs and their keys and turn-arounds and who plays what when, and making it all look EFFORTLESS. He's a master at that. No one else in the band likes to talk, so it's all up to him. This also gives him license to say whatever he darn well pleases, though, and that sometimes gets him in trouble with the rest of us. By in large, though, Steve is a GREAT band leader, so I won't complain. As long as I can find ways to have fun, regardless of what other people are doing, I just enjoy the heck out of singing in the Shadow Mountain Band.