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"It's a Puzzlement!" - Livin' the Good Life

Apr. 22nd, 2008

03:07 am - "It's a Puzzlement!"

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Although I strongly disagree with the poygamist's way of life, I'm worried about the raid that just went down in El Dorado, Texas. Beside the fact that I have grave concerns about the long-term effects of polygamy, on both individuals and the world in general, this raid seems like a possibly damaging and even fruitless means to an end. Even though I am totally creeped-out by the monotone, robot-like voices and demeaner of the people who have been interviewed regarding the "removal" of their children from their "compound" (homes), I am concerned that more harm is being done than good. In general, I am never in favor of separating children from their mothers. And who can say what harm is actually being done to these children? It is a real puzzlement! If the government had come and TAKEN AWAY MY CHILDREN because someone strongly disagreed with how I raised them: how I homeschooled them, nursed my babies to an advanced age, practised the "family bed", didn't let them watch TV, didn't vaccinate them, or any number of other ways that we differed from the mainstream ways of parenting, I would have been horrified!! Outraged!! Devastated!! I don't want Government telling me what I can believe, what lifestyle I can live, what religion I can practise, how I can take care of my, or my children's, health... in other words, "JUST STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!" So, what right do we have to say that these Mormons cannot practice their religion? Are people really being harmed, and who are we to say? It's really a can of worms they have opened up in this case. Everything this sect of Mormonism does is mysterious and strange to the outside world and is governed by "religious beliefs" that we just don't understand. The whole subject is so highly-charged and incredibly controversial! It will be interesting, and I hope not TOO disturbing, to see how they resolve it in the end and if these poor children will really be better off for it all.