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"House of Plenty" - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 16th, 2006

06:58 am - "House of Plenty"

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Last night, we officially named Damian and Maya's house the "House of Plenty" with a wonderful housewarming. Here is the history of the house: Liz bought a house (a cabin) in the early 70s and was raising her two young children there as a single mom. Her two year old accidently set the house on fire one day, and the house burned to the ground. Liz had many friends (including us) who were all a part of a large hippie community that was raising our kids together, gardening together, had a store-front natural foods co-op, had potlucks, played volleyball, did yoga, played music, and generally just liked each other. It felt very inclusive. Anyway, when Liz lost her house, the community rallied around her instantly, and everyone donated their time, skills, and in many cases, materials to build her a new one. And in that modest, nicely laid out little house, built by loving hands with good will, she raised her two girls. Eventually, Liz moved into Yucca Valley and turned the house into a rental. When we moved in next door, the house was getting pretty run-down. There had been many undesirable tenents that passed through the house over the years, and we felt a deep sadness that the house was not appreciated and cared for like it should be. After all, the house had been built out of the love, friendship and generosity of many good people. It deserved to be treated better than that. Steve and I tried to buy the house several times, but Liz was never quite ready. She was understandably attached to the house, holding many good memories for her, and was reluctant to part with it. Finally, a year and a half ago, the man who was renting the house went to jail. We felt this was the time to make a move. We offered to buy, Liz agreed, and after a long eviction process, we purchased it. We were overjoyed! Then began the tedious job of cleaning up the place. Years worth of trash and debri had to be hauled away. Damian and Maya became part of the process when it came time to repair the damaged house. They worked day and night cleaning, painting, replacing windows, the floor, the ceiling, the roof, you name it, it was replaced or repaired. To keep our spirits up, Maya and I started calling the house "the house of plenty". That seemed like an appropriate affirmation for this wonderful little place that, when we used our imaginations, we could visualize a pretty little garden of Eden. The house and property reeked with potential! And it IS a wonderful little place! There is something about that place that is really special. So when I presented D and M with a stepping stone last night that said, HOUSE OF PLENTY, it had a lot of meaning for us. I will post a picture of that stone soon. It was one of my more successful attempts at making marker stones, and I think it's beautiful. May the house never know neglect again and may love flourish and be constantly replenished there. May Damian and Maya experience PLENTY of all that they desire and long for in the years to come. And may the good energy that is generated there expand and extend out into the community so that all may benefit and receive its many blessings! Amen.

house of plenty

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Date:October 17th, 2006 08:06 pm (UTC)

House warming

How wonderful to read about the history of the house. I'm so glad that it was transformed into its original place of love and plenty and I feel blessed that I took a tiny part in it as well.
I send lots of love many miles south to you into the dessert and look forward to see you soon,
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Date:October 20th, 2006 02:27 pm (UTC)

Re: House warming

You did, indeed, help, Willow! Thanks for your part. You were in on the particularly grungy stage, and you and Oma just jumped right in! Thanks to you both!
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