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Wedding in Idaho - Livin' the Good Life

Jul. 1st, 2008

08:53 pm - Wedding in Idaho

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Steve and I just got back from a week-long trip to Idaho to attend my cousin's daughter's wedding. I was skeptical, at first, that her daughter would be able to find someone who was worthy of her. Honestly, since she was a little girl, she seemed so kind and gentle and self-assured that I felt protective of her, wondering, even back then, if there was someone "good enough" for her in her future. Well, I am relieved to say that, yes, she has found a partner who I believe is worthy of her. She married a sensitive, kind, and smart guy, who clearly knows and loves her deeply. They have been "going together" for 8 years! So, I believe they know each other very well. The wedding was beautiful! It was held in her mother's garden on the grass, under a weeping willow tree. My favorite part was when she and her husband planted a plum tree in the garden as part of the ceremony. I also loved that he sang a song to her as she was walking toward him. Very romantic!
So, we are back home, and we had a lovely, but very hot trip in our motorhome. Our rig, Steve named "Intertia", is 30 years old, and she's showing her age. The air conditioner is broken, so we resorted to keeping the windows open and wearing wet t-shirts to keep cool. It worked very well! It must have been 110 degrees as we passed through Las Vegas on the 5 freeway. But, I was as cool as a cucumber! (Are cucumbers cool?) About 10 miles out of town, the traffic came to a halt due to some kind of road problem. We were informed that there would be a 45 minute wait. It was then that I remembered the wonderful thing about motorhomes: It doesn't matter if you are stuck somewhere in the middle of traffic or in the middle of nowhere. You have food and water and a bathroom and a bed. All the comforts of home. It was nearing lunchtime, so I busied myself scrambling up some eggs and Italian sausage on the stove. We ate lunch, did the dishes and put everything away by the time traffic began to move... none the worse the wear. The delay was no big deal. I like travelling with Steve. He is resourceful, adventuresome, and brave... all qualities I admire. So, this was our vacation for 2008. I doubt we will be making any more long trips for a while. In fact, Steve is talking about retiring Inertia. We'll see about that. Steve is not good at giving up on things. I won't be surprised if we get one last trip out of her.


Date:July 2nd, 2008 06:36 am (UTC)
Welcome Home! I've missed you. I enjoyed reading about your trip. Amazing that you still went on your trip even with the a/c out. Must have been nice though getting out of the Calif. smoke that week. Cooking those eggs and Italian sausage while in the traffic jam is the way to go!
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