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A Non-Traditional Wedding - Livin' the Good Life

Jul. 2nd, 2008

03:41 pm - A Non-Traditional Wedding

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Tenaya's wedding was "non-traditional". I like any kind of wedding, but this one was extra-special. Here is a list of what made it non-traditional:

The rehearsal dinner was a fabulous sushi feast at her uncle's house

A catered picnic in the park was held the day before the wedding

She and her husband-to-be received massages the night before their wedding

She had a yoga teacher come and lead a yoga class in the park for those who wanted to on the morning of the wedding (It was great! I was stretching right alongside the bride)

There were scheduled hikes up the mountain or (your choice) along the river the morning of the wedding

There was a campout the night before the wedding

There was a "women's gathering" two hours before the wedding where we all stood in a circle and offered blessings and words of wisdom to the bride (very, very touching.. many tears were shed)

The groom and the groomsmen sang a sweet song to the bride as she approached the wedding bower

The entire wedding party and attendees were smudged (symbolically cleansed) before they entered the wedding area

They were married by the bride's uncle (who did a wonderful and moving job)

They planted a "wedding tree" during the ceremony

They were pronounced "husband and wife" (not man and wife, which I never liked)

The toasts at the end were not mean-spirited or teasey. Only love and respect was shown to the bride and groom

Both the bride and groom's families talked publicly and expressed great love and appreciation for the "new member" of their families


Date:July 5th, 2008 02:42 am (UTC)

That sounds wonderful

I love the sound of that. What impressions and inspiration a ceremony like that leaves in the minds of all involved.
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