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Our Gig - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 24th, 2006

03:20 pm - Our Gig

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O.K., so we sang. WOW, it was really fun!! Aside from the fact that we got off to a slow start (Steve was not really awake that morning after a late night mixing bands the night before, so we weren't quite set up when 10:45 rolled around, plus the pickup in his guitar quit on him when the show began, AND the mix was bad to start with, and thanks to Josh, then Maya and Laurel THAT was taken care of...whew!! It's difficult for Steve to switch back and forth between engineer hat and performer hat, so that will definitely have to change!) Steve was feeling particularly talkative, so we had to wait for him to do his introductions and side-bars to every song. The upshot was that we only played HALF the songs we were slated to do! Kind of disappointing. BUT, what we did do was extremely enjoyable!!! I could hear everything clearly, which was much appreciated. I think I sang well. I liked what I was wearing (that always lifts my spirits.) And the audience seemed to really enjoy it. We learned some things from this performance, and I hope that means that we won't make certain mistakes again. I think people who know us were a bit surprised at how good we sounded, and that was encouraging to us all. (We really do have a stellar group of musicians, and one would expect high quality from this group, knowing that.) This was really a kick-off to our upcoming Pappy and Harriet gigs starting Sat. Nov. 4 from 4-6 PM. We will continue every Sat. indefinitely. That will work out the bugs and polish us up for sure. So, if you're in the steak-and-homemade-french-fries-mood (they have good chicken, too) come on up on Saturdays from 4-6!