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One-Day Health Retreat - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 1st, 2008

05:43 pm - One-Day Health Retreat

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A few years ago, I had the good fortune to be a guest at a health resort in Mexico for 5 days. It felt so deliciously self-indulgent to pamper myself in that way. It turned out to be a good model for me in showing how many things I can do for myself to make me healthier and more fit. Yesterday, I started wishing a could go to that health resort again, but it would cost me many thousands of dollars. I feel rich, but not THAT rich! Then I started thinking that I could just create a health resort experience at home. Yeah! Why not? The more I thought about how I would go about doing it, the more I realized that my every day life is already like being at a health resort. All I would have to do is add more things to my normal routine. I had a trial-run today as an experiment. Here was my schedule:

Monday's One-Day Retreat

6 AM meditation and prayer
6:30 climb Rollie's mountain
7:30 light breakfast
8:00 sunbath
9:00 free time for reading, writing, rest and light housekeeping
noon yoga
1:30 lunch (all food is organic and mostly vegetable-based)
2:30 read and nap
4:00 swim (neighbor's pool)
5:30 light supper
7:00 sauna
9:00 listen to inspirational talk by Beckwith
10:00 bedtime

The only thing I couldn't manage to swing was a massage. Ideally, I'd like to have a hot bath followed by a massage. Since my friend, Jeannie, moved away, I haven't been getting regular massages. We had a weekly exchange going for years, and I used to consider them ESSENTIAL for maintaining good health! What happened? If I can figure a way to get that massage, I think I'll be able to experience a first-class health retreat right here in my own home. I like that idea very much!


Date:September 3rd, 2008 05:17 am (UTC)
Let's be sure to fit in a massage the next time we see each other!
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