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Back on the Mountain Again - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 2nd, 2008

05:22 pm - Back on the Mountain Again

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My one-day health retreat was a resounding success! I did everything on my list and more. The half-hour meditation/prayer time was something I do every day, anyway. But, I haven't been up Rollie's Mountain in years. That was definitely a highlight of the day. The entrance to the trail on Rollie's Mountain is about a quarter of a mile from our house. I used to climb it every day as part of my morning constitutional, but that was more than 10 years ago. (Way more!) I stopped treking up there after I was startled by a few rattlesnakes. That was before we had cell phones, and I was concerned that I could get bitten and not be able to make it back for help in time. Rollie's trail takes one hour to hike, and the first part of it is strenuous.... straight up the side of the mountain! It definitely takes your breath away. Rollie "built" this trail more than 30 years ago. He hauled rocks from all over the mountain to line the trail. For the huge rocks, he used crowbars and a winch. He'd hide picks and shovels and rakes at strategic places along the trail so he didn't have to haul them up there every day. It was a massive effort on his part that took many years. He used the trail to help prepare himself for a summer of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. The rest of us were the lucky beneficiaries of this trail, as he was only too happy to share. But, a few years ago, a friend of ours bought the acreage that butts up against Rollie's mountain, and he built his house directly in front of the entrance to the trail. I kid you not, his back door is not 15 feet from the trailhead. I was one of many disgruntled people who felt like a local treasure had been taken from us. We hikers eventually accepted it, though, and tried to forget about it. And there ARE other (lesser) entrances to that trail... just not nearly as spectacular as this one. So, I decided the other day that it was time to start "doing" Rollie's trail again, just taking one of the other entrances. After all, I've got a cell phone now, so I could call Steve if I needed help. I fortuitously ran into two friendly, half-grown Laborador pups yesterday at the bottom of the mountain who were only too delighted to accompany me on my hike. I figured that they would most certainly spot a snake before I would, so I felt amply safe. As in the past, I felt "well-oiled" after that hike... every muscle thoroughly exercised, and every joint "liberally-lubed". So glad to be back on the mountain again.