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Young Men's Decisions - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 12th, 2008

04:04 pm - Young Men's Decisions

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As our sons grew into adulthood, three of them registered themselves as "conscientious objectors". This all happened during the Bush administration. They were all so disgusted with what they perceived as huge blunders by Bush and his advisors, that they nearly fell over themselves scrambling to identify themselves as objectors. Ely didn't register, but he has slowly become thoroughly disillusioned with our current government. Ben, our youngest, at one time thought he'd like to join the military. He liked the idea of "serving". Luckily, he changed his mind once he started paying attention to what our military was actually doing in other countries. He went to school and became an EMT instead. Driving an ambulance and "saving people" offers all the excitment, life and death decisions, and many other daily challenges that he could possibly want... sometimes more than he bargained for. But, at least he is saving people's lives and not taking them. It's a job that anyone could be proud of.