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My No-Drama Life - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 23rd, 2008

08:03 am - My No-Drama Life

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Somebody asked me the other day what I've been up to lately. I had to think hard to come up with something that I thought she'd be interested in. I finally just said, "I live a very simple life. I guess I'm busy living a 'no-drama' life." Intrigued, she probed further. "What's that?" I explained that I believe in the law of attraction. In other words: Whatever you focus on expands. So, if a negative situation shows up in my life, my intention is to minimize it by finding immediate solutions or, if that's not possible, gratefully and humbly turning it over to God. Then, I try to re-focus on what I want to have happening in my life. I try not to share negative experiences that are showing up in my life in my conversations, because, according to the law of attraction, it multiplies the size and power of the experiences. I can't say I'm all that successful at remembering where I want my focus to be at any given moment. It's an inner work. An inner discipline. Just like I have my compelling "yoga practise", I have an "emotional and mental practise" that I've spent my whole life on. It's been a very solitary endeavor. I seldom talk about it. (Perhaps I should.) But, for those who truly want a no-drama life, it's the way to go.